Somehow all traffics turned into jam jars, so you can ride on the road freely.
Follow the navigator while collect jam jars and drift, and don't try to get too far from the road. Higher jam bonus means higher score and higher style.

Credits to qubodup for car sound effects.

Z     - [Accelerate]
X     - [Brake]
Left  - [Left]
Right - [Right]
Enter - [Start]


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Traffic=Jam for Windows x64 19 MB
Traffic=Jam for Windows x64 (No Sound) 19 MB
Traffic=Jam for Linux x64 20 MB
Traffic=Jam for Linux x64 (No Sound) 20 MB

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Well, I'm really bad at this game...  but it's fun regardless! Drifting around is cool, especially when I get a stretch of them going!


Very fun. I ended up playing this for a while. 


Got a score of 2615. I like the procedural road generation.

The navigator plus the style meter at first made me think you had to do the inputs in the navigator to build your style meter (Like a DDR type thing).


Thank you very much.

The navigator looks like that because I don't have enough time to create 12(or 3) Image.